Monday, February 25, 2013

Conditioning Your Hair To Increase Shine

It is important to condition your hair to achieve optimal shine.  Your scalp produces oils that coats the hair shaft and produces shine.  Elements of what you eat can also produce shine in your hair.  No maintenance or daily hair care regimen can reduce shine and cause hair to appear dull.  You should ask your stylist what hair type you have and the best type of conditioner for your hair.  Conditioners provide moisture which increases shine.  Many people use oil to increase shine which is often to heavy for their hair type.  Conditioners affect the hair by depositing protein and moisturizers.  There are instant conditioners that can be left in the hair or rinsed out in one to five minutes.  There are deep conditioning treatments that are often used on chemically treated or damaged hair.  There are protein conditioners that are generally used on fine or porous hair.  Moisturizing conditioners work well on most hair but oily hair. Medicated and scalp conditioners work well during scalp massages and to resolve minor scalp irritation.

Although many hair care manufacturers claim their conditioners can change the quality of the hair and or help to grow healthy hair.  Milady, Cosmetology publishers, states, "conditioners are a temporary remedy for hair that feels dry, appears damaged, or is damaged.  They can only repair hair to a certain extent; they cannot "heal" damaged hair, and cannot change the quality of new hair growth."  Conditioning causes a physical change.  Because conditioners are a temporary solution it is important to condition the hair regularly.